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Teaching Experience

First Year Undergraduate Studio
Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2015 - Current

Studio Instructor for first year undergraduate architectural students. Responsible for desk critiques, section lectures, and leading discussions three days a week in both virtual and in-person modalities. Learning outcomes included architectural graphic convention, diagramming, space and site analysis and design. See work examples here.


Work by Henry von Rintelen

Advanced Synthesis Option Studio - Birthrights Studio
Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2019

Studio Instructor for 4th and 5th year undergraduate and 2nd year graduate architectural students. Responsible for course development including syllabus, assignments, and scheduling for a semester-long research- and design-driven studio that explored the role of the built environment around motherhood and family structures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. See work examples here.

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Work by Birthrights Studio students

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